Dinesh Khadka Lakai

Frontend Developer

I am a Frontend Developer & UI/UX designer located in Kathmandu working as a frontend developer for 6 Years. I design and develop robust, beautiful and accessible websites for various industries.


Lastdoor Solutions

Frontend Developer / Wordpress Developer (2019 - 2022)

Primarily worked on building website using the specs and handovers from designers. Built pixel-perfect websites that gracefully adhere to the screen size are accessible and using the cross browser compatible codes.

Used wordpress extensively to build the backend using the internally developed toolset.

Tech101 Pvt. Ltd.

Frontend Developer (2016 - 2019)

Worked as a frontend developer and UI/UX designer where I had the responsibility to talk straight with the clients and form a design of the website and as well as build it.

Used vue.js to add interactivity to the website and when working on the backend used wordpress to add a straight forward dynamic website

I'm always looking for new challenges and oppurtunities

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